The young cadet without his blue jumpsuit...but that helmet/bowl cut doe...

The young cadet without his blue jumpsuit...but that helmet/bowl cut doe...

When I was about 6 or 7 years old and missing front teeth, I had this cool blue astronaut/NASA jumpsuit that I would always wear. I think my mom or grandma would have to trick me into washing it because I wore it so much. What was up with the cool little blue jumpsuit? With the little blue jumpsuit in mind, I associated all the times "back in the day" I imagined playing the conductor for a band/symphony, looking up to the sky and pretended to walk on different surfaces, and imagined/drew inventions and that would help people in the world. In other words, I was a total "Space Cadet". Someone who is off in their own world and just dreaming... dreaming just for dreaming sake. 

Sometimes as we grow older we lose that childlike wonder and dream effect of wanting the unimaginable. I still want to keep dreaming and keep on taking actions that will help others to dream and hope. I suppose that is why I keep joining and participating in events like the American Diabetes Association's Tour de Cure, CA AIDS Lifecycle, or American Cancer Society's Relay for Life... because I want to dream and hope that through my actions that I am making a difference for others in my life and for the friends and family I have yet to meet. I want to be a true dreamer, a Super Space Cadet.

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The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society will be hosting a Light the Night Walk at Avaya Stadium on October 14th 2017 at 5pm. Please come join the Team Super Space Cadet dreamers as we walk for those we remember and those we celebrate another day with.

american diabetes association

The calendar for the 2018 season just came out and I will be planning to do an event out in Hawai'i around March. I will keep you all posted about the registration and creation of the team.

american Liver Foundation

In the later portion of my college years I was given the news that I was diagnosed with early Liver Disease. This has prompted me to try to take better care of my health which always happens to be a challenge between balancing work, activity, and healthy living practices. I still take medication and struggle some days with my will and energy to wake up at 4am to work out, sleep before 9pm, balance my work/home/social life, and eat/drink right. My goal is to bring more awareness to my community about life/dietary choices that we make that can lead to the different forms of liver disease.  

other causes

Please contact me with other ideas and causes you would like to bring awareness about through posts, newsletters, and other media.

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