Visual Storytelling AND PHOTOGRAPHY  

Looking for timeless images to be produced? Along with my team, I strive to set up, look for and capture those opportune (kairos) moments so that you can share them throughout your time on earth (chronos). I believe in documenting the timeless moments of the day through vivid visual storytelling.

Have a product that needs to be photographed? A lookbook for a fashion line created or personal/agency portfolio produced or images for a publication submission? I work closely with designers, artists and models and understands the creative process, communication and collaboration needed for a successful project.

Creative Services and collaboration

I enjoy helping clients and peers build up a product or event from the ground up. I am totally open to new projects and artistic collaborations whether it be a short term project or a long haul endeavor. I have some experience in dabbling in a variety of creative projects from the brainstorming and planning phase to the full out implementation and execution I thrive on the new experiences or creating art and work.


I have been a lifelong educator and coach of over 20 years with 12+ years teaching and educational leadership in the public school systems in California and Hawai'i. I offers lessons and workshops in a wide variety of topics from Digital Camera Basics to Advanced Digital Media Workflow for Photography Students and Enthusiasts; to Classroom Management Tools and Building a Safe Learning Environment for Educators and Non-Profit Groups. Please email me for a menu of services and workshops, if there is a proposal, idea, or question please email to inquire. I am available for both local and destination workshops.


Consulting and product development

Ever have a project that you wanted to develop or build? A fashion blog, website, fashion line, eCommerce site, brick and mortar business, fashion show or dance/theatrical production or Non-Profit organization? I have over 15+ years of experience in business, web, product development and sourcing. From concept and development to production and a finished product I have an understanding of all the vision, collaboration, steps and resources needed in producing an effective product.